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Elect Joseph "Joe" Allen Jr. #15


Community Resources


Hello, my name is Joseph Allen Jr., and I want to be your councilman.  I won’t bombard you with empty promises, and vain repetition of the miracles I’ll perform if you elect me.   I refuse to do that.  Instead, I want to state the facts about me and our community.  Simply put sometimes what we want isn’t always what we need.  It may be nice to hear someone promise greatness, but I think it is better to speak the truth and perform as much as our hands can do.  The one promise I can make to you is that I will be an Advocate for St. Gabriel; its community, its people, its way of life.  My hands will work for you.  I want to empower the members of our community to do for themselves.   I would like to tell you about a few of my ideas to improve our community.


One of the ways I would like to improve our city by building a partnership with our neighboring communities to increase our resources.  We need to build bridges with higher education so our children can reap the benefits of a strong academic university based background.


I want to empower the people of St. Gabriel with knowledge and direction for the future, using local business to lead the way.  I want to build our city using its best resource, its own people.  No one knows St. Gabriel better than we do, and we know the direction we want to take it. 


I want to help our community develop parks and other recreational facilities so our children will not have to leave St. Gabriel to find a safe and welcoming environment where they can enjoy themselves.  I want to build a better St. Gabriel not just for us, but for our children’s sake. 


As a community we need to approach this election with a careful and watchful eye.  We need to look at all the candidates and analyze why they want to be your councilman.  I want to bring a strong, dedicated, and honest viewpoint to the board and represent you.  I want to be YOUR councilman. Please consider voting for me, Joseph Allen Jr. #15. 

Don't forget to vote for Joseph Allen  Jr. #15